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Decorative Concrete Calgary

If you are considering installing any kind of decorative concrete in Calgary and the surrounding areas, you owe it to yourself to call the professionals at AC Concrete to get the ball rolling. AC Concrete has been a leader in the decorative concrete industry since 2004. Founder AdrienCoueslan also worked in the field for 15 years with his father in Saskatchewan prior to starting the company. What you get when you work with AC Concrete is quality craftsmanship and a consistently reliable customer experience. From stamped concrete driveways and pool decks, to stained concrete garage pads and patios, AC Concrete has the know-how and experience to bring the whole job together.

Stamped Concrete and Acid Stained Concrete

Stamped and acid stained concrete have become increasingly popular options for homeowners over the past several years. There are many reasons why this is the case, not the least of which are decorative concrete’s beauty and durability. If you live in Calgary and think you may be interested in finding out how decorative concrete can increase the value and aesthetic appeal of your home, you owe it to yourself to give AC Concrete a call. AC Concrete can take on any job, whether large or small, and has built a reputation as one of the industry leaders, not only in Calgary, but also in other markets including Saskatchewan and Edmonton. There are so many different applications and designs when it comes to stamped concrete and acid stained concrete. Let AC Concrete show you how easy it can be to begin the process.

Patios, Walkways and Steps

It is gratifying to watch as customers’ eyes light up when they hear about all of the many applications possible with decorative concrete. Stamped concrete is not only used for driveways and pool decks, but also everything from patios to garage floors, walkways and flights of stairs. Decorative concrete enhances the beauty of your property and can be used outside or inside your home. It is a promising option for many homeowners because they realize that you can achieve the look of materials such as granite, wood, stone, and so much more, for significantly less money. When they learn it is also more durable and longer lasting, the fun really begins. AC Concrete prides itself on working with each of its customers to ensure that their individual vision for their home becomes a vibrant reality.

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