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Stained Concrete Services in Calgary

AC Concrete was founded and is located in Calgary, however the company regularly works on projects all over Alberta and Saskatchewan. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services for multiple types of stained concrete projects, both residential and commercial. Stained concrete patios, driveways, and interior concrete flooring have become increasingly popular over the past few years, not only because of its gorgeous aesthetic appeal, but also because of the fact that it increases the durability and integrity of the floor itself. If you live in Calgary or any of the surrounding markets, give AC Concrete a call to discuss the virtually endless options for utilizing stained concrete to improve the look of your home.

What is Stained Concrete?

Stained concrete generally falls into one of two main categories: reactive and non-reactive stains. These refer to the manner in which the stain is applied. A reactive stained concrete process relies on a chemical reaction, while a non-reactive one does not. Each has its benefits and AC Concrete is committed to ensuring that all of their customers understand their options, the benefits of different kinds of stains, and what the entire process involves. Many homeowners throughout Calgary and beyond are now enjoying the benefits of stained concrete patios, driveways, walkout basements and parking pads. There are virtually unlimited options for how creative you can get with stained concrete. It not only adds vibrant color, but also seals the floor. It can be made to look like wood and many other patterns. Combining a stain with concrete also gives a unique character, in that no two jobs will look exactly the same. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to all of the things you can do with a properly applied stained concrete job.

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AC Concrete is committed to working with each individual customer to ensure a seamless process. This begins with communicating the scope and price of a project, as well as detailing pricing options, timelines, and more. Call AC Concrete today to request a free estimate. Whether you are considering a decorative concrete driveway, a stained concrete parking pad, walkout basement or anything in between, the professionals at AC Concrete are ready and willing to help.